Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's General Conference

Weekend.  We have had a busy but nice weekend.  Saturday morning Nathan had a soccer game and so we recorded the first session of General Conference and went to the soccer game.  Nathan wasn’t to in to the game which is rather unusual but when he played goalie he did great!  He stopped two scores and was really involved.  We stopped at Home Depot afterwards and by accident ran into a Kids Day workshop with Firefighters and Fire trucks and both kids made a cute little crayon holder fire truck out of wood.  They also received a Home Depot work apron and pin and a hand out which we will use for FHE on fire safety tomorrow.


Today was nice to be able to sleep in and listen to the Spoken Word and sit and enjoy listening to the speakers.  Nathan and Mandy received a packet in the mail from Kathie and they worked on it and also a page I copied out of the Friend magazine.  Nathan had fun checking out the ties on the General authorities and Mandy enjoyed the maze and coloring Joseph’s coat of many colors.  The page we copied from the Friend had a list of key words and if you heard the word “scriptures” then you decided what you would eat.  The only problem was that they did listen but they would hear a word and then search in their bowls for a pretzel or a cashew or a Trix cereal.  Glenn did keep up with the kids and kept eating Nathan’s pretzels.  Just for information we ate the most cashews (Jesus Christ) and then teddy grahams (Heavenly Father) and the third was pretzels (family).  In fact, we ended up bringing pretzels to the living room because we kept running out.  My guess is the theme of the conference was basically the family. It was fun though and the kids enjoyed the session but they weren’t very hungry for lunch after all of the teddy grahams, cashews, pretzels, gold fish, and marshmallows.  As I watched the sessions and President Hinckley didn’t speak until Sunday – he may have in Priesthood, I wasn’t there – I was so very glad that President Hinckley spoke on Sunday morning.  He is amazing at 97!  We hope you all had a wonderful General Conference weekend.


PS – the chickens are doing better and some have started laying eggs again.

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