Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Six things

No one knows about me.  Cyndi challenged me to this and I don’t know if I can come up with six somethings but I will try-


1.   We were leaving in California at the time this happened and I was 9 with a birthday coming up.  My best friend, although I can’t remember her name asked me to go camping in the desert with her family.  The only complication was that it was my birthday weekend.  I wanted to go soooooo badly but my older sister, Linda was having a fit.  She told me that I was a traitor to our family and would hurt Mama badly if I left for the weekend instead of spending it with my family.  It was a terribly hard decision to make as I didn’t want to hurt my Mother but so wanted to go on this trip.  My Mother solved it by having my birthday celebration in the middle of the week.  My friend had a camper and we rode in it to the desert and slept in the camper.  We had a fantastic time looking at stars and had a wonderful camp fire with the other campers.  To that point in my life and for quite a while after, it was my favorite birthday.  By the way, when I got back my Mother was in the hospital having collapsed at work and my Sister convinced me that it was all my fault.


  1. This is a bit of a confession, I suppose.  Right after the above happened, Mama was very sick.  I don’t remember what she had but we got behind in bills and she wrote (or called, I don’t know) and asked my Grandparents what to do.  They wired her money and we started back to Texas.  In the middle of Arizona somewhere the car broke down.  We didn’t know what to do and so we all got out of the car and walked to the nearest “town”.  It consisted of a gas station, a hotel, and a café.  We spent one miserable week there.  They didn’t have parts and had to order them and Mama had to contact Grannie and Dad and get more money.  Now the confession part – by now I am 10 and was usually a good kid.  We were bored out of our minds, it was hot and we had no money.  There was a coke machine at the gas station and I wanted a drink.  I tried to figure out what to do and came up with nothing.  I finally found a piece of cardboard and tried to fashion a coin to trick the machine and get my drink.  It didn’t work and I broke the machine – I also didn’t tell a soul until now what I had done.  So now, you all know one of the worst things I have ever done!
  2. Right before I found out I was expecting Kathie, I took an H & R Block Tax course.  They asked some of their more promising students to go to work for them for the tax season.  I was a tax preparer for the following season of tax preparation.  I remember going to have lunch and ordering something Italian but I couldn’t eat anything with bell peppers in it.  By now, I knew I was expecting.  I had gone to lunch and actually had a customer at my desk and realized that I was going to throw up.  The bathroom was out of the office and at the end of the hall.  I must have been a little wild eyed as I said very quickly “excuse me for a second”, left my desk and the room and ran the length of the hall, rushed into the bathroom, threw up, and then washed my face and walked back to the office and finished his taxes.
  3. Before we left for Singapore I was taking a writing course to become an author.  I continued in Singapore for awhile but it became too difficult to finish the assignment and get them sent in with the time gap of mailing from overseas.
  4. Something I actually told Shelly today, I played the flute in elementary school.
  5. I wanted to be an artist when I grew up and had filled out one of those drawing courses advertisements.  They contacted me and wanted me to take the courses and in fact, came out and talked to my Mother about taking the classes.  It didn’t happen but I really wanted to it at the time.


I guess I did it and now everything will know me a little better, I guess.  Have a great day or night or whatever.


CYNDI said...

Mama, I love you. That was so fun for me, I only knew one and a half of those. I am glad to know that you kept developing yourself even with all of us. It makes me feel better that I crave to do a little something more. I wish I could see you playing the flute! Now, I just want to know more!

sturpin said...

HA! I knew four of those!
Mama, you amaze me. The life you talk about growing up and the life you gave to us all are so different. Thank you for what you have given us!