Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bonnets, caps and baby dolls

Hi.  I have been busily cutting out and making the boys caps and the girls bonnets and baby bonnets.  I know I still have a lot to do but thought I would send  some pictures of what the headgear will look like.  The other clothing comes next.Mandy and her bonnet

                                             Mandy and her bonnet

I didn't have a baby but this is the babies bonnet

The bonnet for the babies. It is adjustable in the back to fit different head sizes.

Nathan and his newsie cap

Nathan in his "newsie" cap. It isn't a real good shot but he loves the cap. 

Just for those that were wondering our cats are growing!  Shelly and family have decided to take Pumpkin and Emma.  Becca fell in love with Pumpkin the minute she saw her as a newborn kitten and she named her and Shelly likes Emma. Emma is the prettiest and I think will be a beautiful cat when she grows up.  Here are a couple of pictures of our cats.2008_0617partiesgraduation0001

Here is Sarah (in the back), Emma ( in the front) and I think Snick (Glenn named her) in the middle.  In the picture below Snick was sound asleep with her arms in the air!  Have a great night.



Kathie said...


Kathie said...

it should have said the caps and bonnets turned out so cute - great job not just job.

CYNDI said...

It sounds like it was a job, a full time job! Glad it is you, not me. I can't even finish a baby blanket! They are so cute, though. The kids will love having them.