Sunday, July 05, 2009

Mandy update

We are home and Mandy is doing very well unless she has to use her walker.  I will probably never get a picture of her and her walker as it is a team effort with many tears and screaming for her to use it.  The only reason we need to use it is the wheelchair will not go through the bath room door and so she has to walk to and from the toilet.


Mandy is smiling and waving here.  Shelly and the girls brought over the balloons and Ben and Asia sent the cutest cookie bouquet.  It is very bright and colorful and the cookies are wonderful. I'll try to get a picture before all of the pictures are gone.  Besides the balloons, Jessi drew a wonderful picture and Sammi made her a necklace with the most wonderful card. 

Thank you everyone for helping and loving our Mandy.2009_0704partiesgraduation0003

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