Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are FREE!


Mandy is now 6 weeks out of surgery.  We went back to the surgeon on Friday to see how that was going.  She is starting to heal and they have taken the cast off (sort of, she didn't have a permanent cast) and she is now supposed to start putting weight on her leg and walking with the walker more.  It has been a long 6 weeks of not going anywhere unless Glenn or Kathie were here.  We have done many things to keep ourselves occupied.  Here she is sleeping in her chair.



                     Many, many crafts

Making cookies2009_0817partiesgraduation0011







I also had to keep Nathan busy which is a bit harder.  We did a chapter on Space and built air crafts that float and checked out our International Space Station and Space Camp in Alabama.  Here is a couple of the pictures of Nathan and his rocket that floats.

2009_0817partiesgraduation0012 2009_0817partiesgraduation0014








  We also have started back on piano and when Aurora came to visit she joined Nathan on the piano bench.2009_0817partiesgraduation0017





Aurora and Nathan have a special relationship.  I think she thinks he is her brother and he loves her too.

Mandy has successfully gotten into the car by herself and so we are free!  It is nice to be able to go to the car and leave the farm even though we love it here!


Kathie said...

So glad that you are not trapped any longer - I think it is the thought more than really not being able to do something (i.e. come home for 6 months) that is the hardest part.

sturpin said...

Freedom! Wahoo!
I loved the pictures - my fav is Mandy sleeping in her chair. :)
You are very resourceful to keep 2 kids busy for 6 weeks while they were cooped up.