Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A busy June

Whew.  We have had a busy June, said on June 30th, 2010.  The first two weeks we tried to clean the house, the rugs, organize and get ready for the wedding.  We also took swimming lessons where I found that the kids had totally forgotten how to swim and in the interim had become afraid of the water.  I found it surprising.  Mandy more so than Nathan.


Nathan learning the fine art of floating and relaxing.


Nathan learning to dive.  I did take pictures of Mandy I just have to find them.






Our Mandy being brave for the camera but she was terrified.  She went down that day and didn’t again for two weeks.  She went down the slide Monday and did well and yesterday and today would not go down for any reason.  Nathan, of course thinks it’s wonderful.  I like their pool and it would be a lot of fun but who has the money.

I have a couple of pictures of cousins day – not too many, I think we must have all been helping and  one of  Nathan giving Elizabeth a bottle which is very cute.  He loves babies and would love for us to have one.  IT IS NOT HAPPENING. IMG_1439


How many people does it take to fill water balloons?






Last of all, we have barn swallow babies again and they are about to take off and fly.IMG_1455

On the farm we have 4 new calves this year.  Our chickens are not doing well, probably because we have a nest of snakes under the chicken coop and they keep eating the eggs and a chicken hawk that keeps carrying away our babies to feed her babies.  I am almost done with the chickens.  Our garden is doing pretty well and I have made homemade salsa for the first time with everything from our garden.

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