Sunday, November 06, 2011

Our week

I am trying to keep this up to date – although everyone that knows me, knows this won’t happen.  Anyway, almost no pictures, sorry.  We went to the Renaissance Festival with Kathie and her kids and nanny, Ashley and Sammi T.  We had a wonderful time but Kathie had the camera – I forgot mine.  She blogged – go check it out.

Nathan played their final regular season  football game yesterday. They ended the season 6-3.  Not bad for a team that over 50% of the kids had not played football before and some of the teams they played where HUGE!  I am talking 230 lbs. players huge and they were 10!  They played  the Magnolia playoffs – they were first place and they played the 2nd place team and beat them.  It was a good game, hard fought and we won 6 – 0.  On the 12th, we play the TOC (something to do with Champions) and play actually a two day tournament except we are only playing on Saturday.IMG_2674

Nathan is #60.  At the beginning of the season they were able to pick their own number and that was Daddy’s number when he played in Jr. High.  Nathan is a lineman.  He keeps getting matched against these huge kids.  Saturday, he was double teamed by two kids that were bigger than I am.IMG_2679

Pep talk after the game.  The coaches are really good at motivating the kids.  It has been a long season (July until November 12th) and I for one am glad it is over but he has learned a lot about sportsmanship and football and that is what it is all about.

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