Thursday, February 23, 2012

The week, so far

It has been a hard week, I guess because it has been so busy.  Nathan has started back into baseball (ugh) and practices.  Mandy has been introduced to a orthodontist (oh joy!) because she is going to need a retainer for a underbite.  Then Bull also got hurt around a week ago. 

I will spare you pictures.  He evidently got kicked by one of the cows.  He probably had it coming as he chases them.  We have tried to stop him and may need to tie him up some.   Nathan noticed it 8 days ago, what ever day that is.  He was laying down, looked awful and when I started looking  at his underbelly (?) was purple and hard.  Now 8 days later, he has a hole in the said underbelly that is as large as my two fists.  It is just open and gaping.  The skin has died and he still has an infection but is much better.  We are giving antibiotics twice a day, doing hypro- something (spraying his wound with water) twice a day, and now the Vet told me to put sugar in his wound.  Yes, I said sugar!

I am a little confused by this but it is supposed to help the wound.  Who knew?  Not me. 

Glenn is getting back from Canada tonight but is leaving for Germany on Saturday.  He will be there a couple of weeks.  He told me but I am not sure what he will be doing.  Nathan is sad.  He misses his Dad and two weeks is a long time.  More, later.

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