Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monday, May 18th


On Monday we set out to conquer the Magic Kingdom, which is what most of us think is DisneyWorld (It actually consists of 4 parks and several really cool water parks).  It was my birthday and Disney's "thing" for this year is your birthday is free!  Well, we had actually already bought tickets and so we had a choice of a $75.00 Disney card or free Fastpasses for everyone.  We choice the gift card.

Actually as I look at the pictures I left many wonderful pictures out of Epcot so, I am just going to put my favorites here.


  A magic carpet ride in between showers.



Here we go on a jungle cruise.




Our cruise guy was slightly entertaining.







Swiss Family Robinson Tree house - I'd live there!

IMG_0561 IMG_0564


Mandy walking from one room to the other high in the tree house.




The outside cooking area.


                                          Cinderella's Castle


One of Nathan's favorite rides.  The kids drive the track. 

Mandy enjoyed the track also.IMG_0573



The pictures are scrambled so here is the entrance to Epcot.  Nathan kept saying look for the golf ball!






  Mandy and I found the fairy garden and butterfly hatchery while Glenn and Nathan went to ride something.  Mandy loved all of the flowers and the fairy's that were in the background. There is Tinkerbell!


I'm not sure what the blue fairies name is.  The gardens were very nice. IMG_0587









Butterflies in flower and on wing.

IMG_0588 IMG_0589











and last for today- Princess Mandy and Minnie MouseIMG_0595



More tomorrow.