Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Holy Macaroni! It’s snowing

That was Nathan’s actual words as he looked outside today.  Yes, it is snowing and this is the 3rd time we have had snow in Plantersville this winter!  If you have never been down here, you might not understand but it doesn’t snow in Houston.  I have tried to take some pictures of the white stuff but I’m not sure it will show up.IMG_1116

The kids hamming it up in the snow.  Bull trying to help.





IMG_1121                             Do you see it?  It was actually coming down fast with big flakes.  It is still snowing although the flakes are smaller.IMG_1126 

IMG_1127 The snow is starting to stick somewhat and we have an accumulation on our car.  We are supposed to get a hard freeze tonight and Cyndi is flying in with the boys tomorrow. 

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