Friday, September 22, 2006

1st moving day

Well, our move so far, should be labeled a classic Ball adventure.  With all of last weeks visit of Asia to see us and Mandy’s doctors appointments and subsequent stress I haven’t gotten nearly as much packing as I should have.  This morning we were supposed to pick up a moving truck at 10:00 am and so we did the usual morning things – get up, dressed, have breakfast, etc. and then continued to pack until 9:50 rolled around and then we packed the kids into the car and went to get our MOVING VAN.  Glenn drove it home and seemed to go rather slow but anyone that knows Glenn knows that is not unusual.  Anyway, he gets home and said the van wouldn’t go above 30 mph.  So, we call U-Haul (will I ever learn?) and are assured that we will have a mechanic at our house between an hour and an hour and ½ later.  So, we decided to go ahead and finish what we were doing and then decide what to pack into said moving van.


I need to back up a little; I have been trying to get phone service to our new residence for a while now.  First, I had to figure out who serviced that part of the world.  After several calls we were told either Embark (formerly Sprint) or A T&T (formerly SBC) but no one was sure which.  So, I called both and both said no, we can’t find your address on our lines.  Strange since I know the Knightons had a phone.  I called the Real Estate people, talked to the developer down the road, talked to other phone people.  No luck.  So, Glenn decided since he was packing his office and we still had to wait he would try again.  Finally, after going through the AT&T phone maze- he actually got to talk to a human.  WOW! And even better than that we do exist!  While he was in the midst of this call the mechanics showed up and so he switched me over to talk to the phone lady and he went outside to talk to the mechanics.  They look at the moving van and find burnt spark plug wires and fix that and take the van for a spin around the neighborhood to make sure all is well.  By the way, I am still talking to the brilliant AT&T person that found our property and then she starts talking about Dish Satellite.  Ok – the only thing Glenn was responsible for on this move was Dish Satellite and so, I asked her to wait and go retrieve my husband so that he do his manly duty and make decisions about the Satellite server.  As I go outside I discover water shooting skyward from my front yard.  What now, I think.  While the efficient mechanics were returning our moving van they ran over and broke off one of the sprinkler heads.  So, I switch places with Glenn and he talks to the phone company and I run back and forth to the garage to set the sprinklers to make sure they are actually fixed. Several times it is not.  After oh, an hour at least they leave with sprinkler head fixed and we get on the actual part of the “move” process.  We start packing boxes, etc. and finally around 4:00 we have finished and need to head out to Plantersville or we are never going to get this finished.


I take Mandy in the Volvo and Nathan gets to ride with his Daddy in the moving van.  Very cool for a 4 year old boy!  I stopped to get something for us to eat and we meet at the property and drive to our new house.  Glenn said the moving van is still not working right and so while we continue to unload the van Glenn again calls U-Haul.  Should I mention that you should never use U-Haul?  We were almost finished with the unpacking when the new mechanic calls and is trying to find us.  I have a feeling that this will not be the last time someone can not find us.  Finally the mechanic gets there and starts looking at the truck.  By this time it is getting pretty late and our kids and us are getting tired.  He finally decides that the van is not going to be fixed.  It will not drive and needs to be towed and so then he starts talking to U-Haul to get us another truck.  No deal, they don’t have any other trucks – but finally they say they may have something by 9:30 in the morning – we can only hope since we have many people coming to our house tomorrow at 9 to help us load this moving van.  Then I go into the kitchen to get the kids some water and we don’t have any water. No water you say but how can that be when you have a well?  Good question, we asked the same question but no answer presented itself.  Glenn and the mechanic went down to the well house and it had no power.  That could be the answer but why?  They came back to the house and switched all of the breakers but nothing.  I did find Mr. Knightons cell number that he had left and so tried to call him but only got his voice mail.  Finally, at around 8:30 we decided to leave.  Now what do we do?  We have no moving van for tomorrow and no water if we do get a moving van so, what should we do? As we drove home we called Mr. Knighton again and finally contact him.  There are two meters on the property – one for the water pump and one for the house.  When they did the switch they turned off the water pump and kept the house on so that solved that but does a small co-op electric company even open on Saturday?  When we got home and called hoping for voice mail and actually spoke to a human being.  Two in one day – that has to beat the odds.  Anyway, we will have water to the house tomorrow by 10:00 am, yeah!  Now if we can just get a moving van in the morning all will be well.  That is all for now – It is 11:02 and I have had a very busy day.  More tomorrow.  Debra

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