Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sunday Baptism

On Sunday, September 10th, 2006 Thomas Cameron Leavitt was baptized by his father, Brad Leavitt.  It was a wonderful experience and the room was filled with family and friends. I sat and watched Donna watching her husband baptize their son and thought about the fact that if Donna had not chosen to listen to the Missionaries this moment would not have come about.  It brought back the fact that all of our decisions have consequences for good or evil.  It is of course, our choice.  Anyway, we just wanted to share this  news.  We unfortunately forgot our camera but Donna took some so, hopefully we can get some posted here.


On another note on Saturday the 9th, we added another member to our family and the Ball farm.  By the way, if someone has a better name we are taking votes.  The Ball farm is ok but we would like input if someone could think of anything else.  Our new addition is a female puppy.  She is 8 weeks old and is ½ Sheltie and ½ Welsh Corgi.  She looks like the Sheltie part and is brown with a little bit of black along her back and tail.  She has two white paws one with little spots on it and she has officially been named “Spot”.  Granted if she hadn’t had one spot she would still have been called Spot as Nathan has been talking about this puppy for a long time.  At the moment, she is still in the chewing stage and so is spending a lot of time outside.  We wanted a larger dog for Nathan to grow up with and they are becoming fast friends.


Glenn and I signed the papers yesterday to close on the property and the Knightons will sign on the 14th and then 25790 Riley Road, Plantersville, Texas will officially belong to us and of course, to Washington Mutual our loan company.  Hurrah and gulp!


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