Friday, September 08, 2006

Labor Day

Hello, It is time to update our blog about Labor Day weekend.

On Thursday night, Kathie, Glenn and Cyndi/Jeremy and family arrived in town. It was great having almost everyone home. On Saturday morning we finished up cooking the two briskits and the sausage on a stick and the salads, cantaloupe, and so forth and headed out to our (actually it will be ours on the 14th) property. The people with all of the food and of course, everything else (meaning us) were late but it was a great day and we all had fun. We spread out with tables and chairs and blankets and had a great picnic. Then we sang a surprise “Happy birthday” to Kathie – a little early but she was here and scattered to do what we wanted to do. We were graciously taken on a tour of the house by Mrs. Knighton and decided we really like it!

Everyone wanted to take rides on the golf cart, most of the children and adults wanted to go fishing, some of us just wanted to relax in a chair under one of the great Oak trees. Mr. Knighton had tied a spare tire to one of the trees and the kids took turns swinging on it. Nathan hooked the first fish, followed by Cameron, and Becca caught a small blue gill, Jason caught 4 good sized catfish and Andrew with a little help from his Daddy caught his first fish! It was great fun to see first Shelly and Beth and then Jeremy and Donna rowing the boat around the island of the pond.

We had a great time and have some great pictures of all the kids. We all got a little sun burned and at the end we drove the mile to our other property and went swimming in the pool at Saddle Creek. Talk about having life both ways.

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