Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bagged my first one

Well, hello - yesterday was a strange day. 1st off Pepa calls and tells me Grannie is in the hospital but gives me no details and said he would call me back when they find out what is going on. The kids and I went to pick up Asia and Aurora who are visiting with us for a week. We talked and visited with Shelly and girls a while and Nathan really hurt his back by falling off the scooter and failing onto the handles. It's going to be a bad bruise.

We ran over to Sam's and picked up the meat for the picnic on Saturday and headed home. Nathan and Asia with Aurora in tow went to collect eggs and rushed back to tell me that a snake was eating the eggs in the chicken coop. I went to the workshop and retrieved a shovel and a hoe and went armed to battle. I walked in and yes, indeed there was a snake in one of the nesting boxes with an egg in his mouth. It is true what they say that they swallow them whole and it does look kind of strange. Anyway, I went to battle with this rather big snake and I won! He is now a very dead snake. It felt very primitive to be whacking a snake with a shovel.
Living in the country what can I say?


A very dead snake!





More about Grannie when we find something out. Right now she is stable but I am afraid they are going to come back with a diagnosis of liver cancer.

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Kathie said...

You didn't tell me about the snake! WOW! Did he eat the eggs that the chicken has been sitting on?