Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yeah! Jason fixed it.

I don't know what he did but I can blog from my computer.  Wonderful!  We have had several interesting weeks since I have blogged.  A deer hit my car, Spot brought home a deer leg and then came home covered in blood and proceeded to spray blood every where.  Ugh! Blood is sticky.

We have fallen in love with our three little kittens!  We have named them Emma (white one), Sarah (dark fluffy one) and Cali (orange coloring tabby).  2008_0426partiesgraduation0044 They are so much fun to play with and watch.



I did it!  Isn't everyone proud of me?  Actually Jason made it very easy!





2008_0426partiesgraduation0042Emma is my favorite. She is very calm while her siblings are more into everything.  By the way, a funny story.  We kidnapped the three from their Mother, Kimball because she is wild and the kittens were becoming wild also.  Kimball's sister, Benson (alright we thought they were boys) had 4 kittens about 4 weeks after Kimball had hers.  Since we kidnapped Kimball's kittens, I guess Kimball decided if we could so could she.  She now has taken 2 of Bensons kittens and are raising them.  I have never heard anything like that before. Since I had to catch up I think I will do it in two postings.   Take care.


jturpin said...


We have posts and pictures.

CYNDI said...

Hooray, Mama. You did it! Doesn't it feel so wonderful when things work the way they are supposed to! That is funny about those kittens. So, do you now have five kittens in the house? Does falling in love with them mean you are going to keep them? I am excited to see even more picture!Love you so.

Anonymous said...

I still want the funny looking one

Love Becca