Saturday, February 28, 2009

Maggie is

a very sweet combination  border collie /Australian shepherd that is 6 weeks old.  If you pull up either breed she looks more like the border collie.  We were at the auction and a man came in with puppies in a cage and wanted to give them away.  I admit I am a sucker for cute, chubby puppies with soulful brown eyes.  I will get a picture on her soon.  I am still having trouble getting the computer to accept the pictures.  I don't know why.

Nathan , of course, is  in love with Maggie and she seems to like him a lot.  Nathan loves small Maggie and friendsanimals.  Any kind of small animal. 

You can blame Glenn for the suspense.  He thought it would be fun to string it out but I decided one night is enough.



Maggie and Nathan








We have had a busy weekend so far.  This morning Nathan went to baseball practice - third one this week and then Glenn picked him up and brought him over to the Church for the Primary Activity.  The activity was fun - we did an activity to get the kids to know each other.  We called them "me in a bag" and they were supposed to bring things that identified them personally.  It was cute watching the kids share the things they enjoyed.  Next, we went into the cultural hall and split into two groups and either colored a block for our quilt or made cards/letters for our Missionaries.   At the end of those two activities we met together and played  a game where there was 6 boxes (islands) and the kids were to walk around the boxes to music and when the music stopped - they were to gather on the different islands.  The point to the game was that no one was to be left out - even if you had to squeeze closer and closer together.  They needed each individual holding on to the person beside them to survive on the island.  The kids enjoyed the games and as everyone left they received goodie bags with homemade treats.  We all had fun but the turn out was small.  I am not sure how to motivate the parents to bring the kids and not a single teacher showed up.  Big sigh!IMG_0339


My favorite place







Coloring the quilt.  Dalton and MandyIMG_0351

Making the Missionary cards and letters



Going from island to island






We are heading out this afternoon and attending the adult session of Stake conference.  Asia, bless her little heart, is babysitting as I couldn't get anyone out here.

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Kathie said...

Thanks for the pictures - she is cute! I am glad that your activity went well. Too bad more kids didn't come - hopefully over time.